Fireworks! Pakistan’s 68th Independence Day

With 12 am fast approaching on the eve of Pakistan’s 68th Independence Day, my fellow photographer and I picked up pace to get as close to the action as possible. Upon reaching the cordoned off area with containers, barbed wires and concrete slabs behind which the actual Independence Day parade was taking place we were told that photography was not allowed beyond or in that area by a soldier standing guard.  Upon insisting, the soldier said “our Colonel sb is coming you can take your camera behind and shot.”

We rushed back to find a suitable angle at the presidents house behind which the fireworks display were going to take place. We setup 10 minutes before and settled down with our camera’s pointing towards presidents house. At 12:30 sharp the first fireworks where set, we started clicking without giving a seconds thought.

The fireworks display, though impressive, seemed too random and ill prepared. There was no coherency or design behind the entire display. Yet I manged to get a few shots pasted here.



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